The game is free again.

The Early Access version of Alchemy Garden is free again and I will explain why.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has bought the game, you guys are the best! Do not forget that your purchase has not been in vain, you will get a key when the game comes on Steam.

I apologize for this change and if you want a refund of your money you can send an email to and I will return you until the last dollar, I do not want your money if you are not happy with the game.

On July 16 I decided to launch the Alpha version of Alchemy Garden at a price of 3.99 $

It has been more than a month and the results have made it clear to me: is not Steam and it is not worth putting a price on a game that is being in a development stage, at least in my case.

I try to listen the market as much as I can and this time you have made it clear to me, it is still early to ask money for the game. Especially having much better games on this awesome platform.

I will continue working to improve Alchemy Garden update after update to create a worthwhile game!



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