Release Notes 0.0.16

Hello Alchemists!

The 0.0.16 version of the game has been delayed this week. This is our first game as a team and we have a lot of innexperience, so we are learning from a painfull "hit and miss" process. Basically worked wrong with the version control software and we have payed the bill. Anyway, we'll show you what we've done!

New Alchemy Table

We are trying to make the experience of mixing things and making experiments more enjoyable. In this update the alchemy table has been changed an unified with the alembic. The idea for design has been stolen inspired by the Skyrim alchemic table. 

For those do not know it, as now they are a 2 types of alchemic table in the game, one for mixing seeds and also apply the potions on there, and other table for making potions mixing a few components (silver, coal and sulfur). There is still a lot of work to do on the alchemy table, but we hope you will have fun with this change.

Hunger/Feeding System

Yeah, the actual hunger system its a little painful and not much fun, so we have decided remove it for the moment. We have realized that a mechanic that does not benefit the player does not make sense. We will continue working in the shadows to bring you a new system of hunger more fun, for now, enjoy life without the need to eat!

Bug Fixes

  • Physics improved.
  • The box is in a lower position when you carry it.
  • Now wild plants no longer become small when you load a game.
  • The objects inside the boxes are no longer removed when you load the game.
  • The colliders of the petals have been enlarged, now they will not disappear when they touch the ground.



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Jul 24, 2017

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