Release Notes 0.0.18

Hello gardeners!

This week we bring you a great novelty: the water system.

From now on you can create Aquavitae using the water tank, we have removed the “free stuff” boxes because you will not need them anymore.

New Item: Water

Water is the basis of life and something we wanted to bring into the world of Alchemy Garden. For this version we have put a small puddle next to the house where to fill the bucket of water as many times as you want, we know that the model is a bit primitive, have the patience to see a spectacular lake!

New Tool: Water Bucket

In order to collect the water from the outside you will need to use the bucket, we have left several of them inside. There is a lot of work to do with bucket animations, in the coming weeks it will get better!

New Craft Mechanic: Water Tank

The water tank is a new mechanic we have created so that you can make water vials.

This is a small tank with a faucet that you will have to fill with the bucket when it runs out. At the moment water vials can be crafted but later on we would like to take advantage of this mechanics and give the possibility of creating new elements.

New Component: Vial of Water

The vial of water closes the main crafting cycle in Alchemy Garden, from now on you will be able to create as many Aquavitaes as you want. We remind you that Aquavitae is the basic catalyst for creating Alchemy Garden potions so from now on, every time you want to make an Aquavitae, you only have to put on the mixer any petals, a vial of water and a some coal.


In this version the petals already have a utility: you will need them to be able to make Vials of Water. At the moment there is no difference between any, that is, they all serve to make Aquavitae, later we would like to separate it by types to provide a little variety, but as we have already said, have a little patience.


– Now you can create Aquavitae on the alchemy table, requires: Water vial + Coal + Any petal

– Collect materials is more faster, with 5 hits you get a component.

– When you use the pickaxe with the tree, it no longer makes a sound or emits sparks.

– The names of the petals appear when looking at them.

– The petals no longer stand upright when you grab them.

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