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Alchemy Garden is a game that mixes shop keeping,  gardening and alchemy mechanics. 

Feel free to explore this little world and find new recipes or components, brew potions and be creative designing your own garden!

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Your main goal is run your own alchemy lab, that means you have to be search for crafting components and spend some time brewing potions and making experiments on your alchemy table.

The main focus of the game is letting the player be creative with their little garden and brew some potions for making elemental and magical plants. 

Also you can decorate your garden with fences,


  • Run your own Alchemy Shop.
  • Buy new houses and gardens.
  • Explore your creativity making magic gardens.
  • Decorate the interior of the house as you want.
  • Day/Night cycle.
  • Crafting tools mechanics.

About This Demo

This is a demo of the Early Access version of Alchemy Garden, which will be available in mid-October 2019

If you bought the game on this page you don't have to worry, you will have a key for the new version as soon as it is available.

I hope you enjoy Alchemy Garden!


Game created by MadSushi (Rubén Izquierdo)

Music by Pau Damià Riera.

Produced by Alex Poysky.

Install instructions

-Unzip the downloaded file.

-Run "AlchemyGardenDemo.exe"



AlchemyGardenDemo.zip 201 MB

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